Getting the perfect fit for your Chevy Suburban

Most people make the mistake of ordering for tires without confirming the tire size of their vehicle. Although, it might come as a surprise to some, the Chevy Suburban has different tire size you can find in the table below.
So, how do you select the best Chevy Suburban tires?

Once you’ve assessed the tire size of your vehicle, then you can progress to the next stage – selecting the right tire. We all want tires that will endure through various weather condition and high level of abuse. So, how do we select the best tires for our Chevy Suburban?.

  • Considering the fuel economy: Yes, tires can impact on the amount of fuel that your vehicle consumes. It is mostly advised to purchase a similar tire to your previous one.
  • Selecting tires based on thread wear: The longevity of tires is dependent on so many factors like road conditions, driving habits and climate conditions. It is therefore imperative to select a tire with great thread marks that can withstand high abuse.

Tire sizes:

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